I believe that each of us has an intrinsic ability to heal ourself. I believe we all possess the drive to be good, healthy, and whole. Our bodies want to heal. Our spirits want to experience love, kindness, and compassion.  We must but remove the obstacles that stand in our way and vibrant wellbeing will be ours.

I am a Portland naturopath with a focus in mind-body medicine, holistic diabetes care, and natural menopausal support. I am committed to uncovering and exploring the feelings, beliefs, and past experiences that may be playing a role in your health to bring you greater symptom relief and deeper healing.  But how did I get here?

I was born and raised in Utah, yet wasn't far enough west apparently.  I moved to Oregon right after my 21st birthday and knew immediately that this was home.  I graduated from the University of Oregon with a linguistics/anthropology degree. My love of language and travel took me to Venezuela to teach English for awhile. Yet I wasn't fulfilling my calling apparently because while there I found myself yearning to go deeper into some type of study or work that would be meaningful. Upon my return to the states, I enrolled in naturopathic medical school (now NUNM) to learn the art of natural doctoring.  

I graduated from National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in 2001 with my doctorate degree (ND) and got down to the business of treating people.  Since then I have worked in many different roles in the healthcare industry.  Yet always this restlessness persisted: was I actually helping people?  were people healing in a deep way?  what more was there to know and to do in order to facilitate actual, profound, transformative healing?  

So I started searching for a way to go deeper (recognize a theme?).  After a great deal of exploring, I chose to return to private practice. The impetus came largely from a work experience that gave me the opportunity to sit with people and listen to their life stories. In this role I was able to be fully present and really hear how life experiences, and people's reactions to the experiences, had shaped them.  I came to realize that our experiences, feelings, and beliefs play a key role in the state of our health. And that we have influence over this information and can actually change the state of our health through conscious choice once we understand it.  This revelation has informed my current treatment approach.

Also, through a personal experience, I have gained tremendous insight into what individuals and their families go through when they must learn to live with care-intensive health challenges. I believe this new depth of understanding and compassion enhances my capacity to assist patients.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy exploring mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. I love playing with my son, my dog, and the squirrels in my yard. I try to be out in nature as often as I can, talking to trees, absorbing the vastness of the sky, and marveling at the amazing design of nature.

I look forward to helping you achieve a state of enduring good health!

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I am

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"Dr. Julie is the right mix of competence and kindness."

J.S. - Portland, OR